• Cares Acne skin care

Cares Acne skin care

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Cares Acne skin care
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Cares Acne  skin care Cleaning.Remove skin oil.Purifying.Clear.nourishing.Oil-control.Acne Treatment Cream.Acnes.Acne marks.moisturizing.Prevent pore occlusion.Gentle acne treatment How to use 1.Cleanse facial skin effectively

2. Apply appropriate amount of product evenly onto the acnes

3. Massage gently with circular motions to promote skin absorption

Skin care common sense : because each person skin characteristics vary so the adaptability of different skin care product are different, in the use of any new skin care product. recommend to use the skin  behing the ear to test the product. if any discomfort or abnormal skin reaction. then recommend stop using it.

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