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GLUTANEX 100mg Oral Tablets 1 box / 100 TabletsGoodbye Melanin!Glutanex utilizes only the purest form of Glutathione (reduced) for detoxification, antioxidant effects to prevent formation of free radicals, and inhibition of Tyrosinase to reduce melanin formation to achieve brightened skin tone. Ingredients1 tablet contains 100mg of Glutathione (reduced) (KP) / 100 tablets per bottle How to useTake a serving of 1 ~ 3 pills per serving. It is recommended that you do not exceed 6 pills per day. Reasons Why You Should

  • Unlike food supplement grade capsules flooding the market, Glutanex Oral Tablets is manufactured with 100% medicinal grade glutathione.
  • Only ingredients and manufacturing process following the KFDA protocol is used when making Glutanex.
  • What is the difference between food supplement and medicinal grade?
    • Food Supplements are unregulated. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are made according to the strict guidelines of FDA. Potency and purity are guaranteed, as well as other mechanisms to protect the consumer.
    • Food supplements are tested for purity to a different standard than pharmaceutical drugs. Food grade, which is less expensive, can have up to 100ppm (parts per million) of mold whereas pharmaceutical grade, is limited to no more than 10 ppm. That is 10 times purer, or 10 times less impurity allowed in pharmaceutical grade glutathione.
  • Afraid of needles or do not want to consider IV injections every week to maintain your illuminated skin tone? The Glutanex 100mg tablets can be taken easily every day for maintenance and convenience.
  • Tested and registered with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KFDA) in Korea.
  • Glutanex does not falsely claim to produce faster whitening effect by promising other insubstantial ingredients.
  • Not only is medicinal grade glutathione the only reliable product for safety melanin suppression (Whitening), but glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant. To receive the maximum benefits of glutathione, it should be manufactured with its purest form.
  • Helps improve liver functions from chemical poisoning, alcoholism, and chronic liver diseases.
  • Health risks of unreliable and untested manufacturing procedures should always be assessed first. When considering a brighter skin tone, truly understand what kind of ingredients you are ingesting and if the product has followed the FDA guidelines.

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