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GLUTA NIFITY (gluta nano plus new packaging)

100% authentic from Thailand

1. Dietary supplements that are suitable for people with dark skin and those with acnes, dark spots, and uneven skin color.

2. L-GLUTATHIONE: 150 mg (1 capsule) helps brighten skin.

3. Salmon Collagen Peptide Extract moisturizes your skin. It also helps restore the skin to be soft and smooth.

4. A mixture of Zinc Amino Acid Chelate helps reduce acne inflammation. And it will faster heal your acnes and scars from acnes.

5. There are many extracts that benefit to your skin like COENZYME Q10, ASCORBIC ACID, YEAST BETA-GLUCAN, GREEN TEA EXTRACT, and PINE BARK EXTRACT. 

6. Reduce wrinkles and slow down the degeneration of skin cells. 

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