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GLUTAX 2000000GX PREMIUM RECOMBINEDBENEFITS:- Makes your skin white, smooth and radiant.- Removes free radicals.- Increases the elasticity of the skin,Â- Summarizing the pores of the skin which tends to enlarge anti aging- Removes & vanishes scars- Reduces pigmentation resulting from sun- Reduce..
Glutax 2000gs Advanced Whitening SystemNew Glutax 2000gs Advanced is the latest breakthrough in skin whitening technology with their DNA and RNA Active Cells that will makes your metabolisme double absorption and getting best results at the notch of all maximum ingredients in it.Benefits & main ..
    Glutax 75gx dcrp 750000 dna cell revitalize 14 sessions injection advanced is one of the most high quality and it has high dose of glutathione skin whitening formula and it helps you maintain L glutathione at high levels in your body even when you are not undergoing any skin treatment...
Cindella injection is very active whitening injection which the result is so fast for u to see and notice ..
VITAMIN C AMPOULES FOR SKIN BRIGHTNESS I'm sure many ladies out there looking for Vitamin C for gain white radiant skin, at the same time they want look shine. To obtain uneven skin tone is not something easy, but there must be a solution, its VITAMIN C AMPOULES. This genuine V-C can be applied dire..
WHITENING EFFECT:- Whiten skin and lighten scar- Suppresses the formation of Melanin which contributes to after exposure to UVA/ UVB- Lighten pigmentation, skin color resulted from exposed sunlight- Smooth fine lines and wrinkles- Suppresses the formation of acne/blemish/pimplesFIRMING EFFECT:- Stim..
Description of platinum whiteWhitening effect:*3x stronger than Japan platinum for skin whitening·Whitens skin and lightens scars·Suppresses the formation of Melanin which contributes to darkspot after exposure to UVA/ UVB·Lightens pigmentation, skin color from exposed sunlight·Smoothens fine lines ..
White injection with higher glutathione content dna white marine elements, quick results, not only whiten and brighten the skin, new Glutax 70000gm can reduce acne and acne scars. Smooth skin, moisturize and give a glowing effect on laborBENEFITS:Whiten and moisturize skinSoften and smooth the skinM..
Helps skin and scars fade.– Helps reduce the appearance of aging.– As an antioxidant.– The skin is smooth a good nutrient for the skin.– The color of the skin looks natural with aura.– Helps to increase the elasticity of the skin.– Protect skin from sun exposure. Helps skin to reduce water loss.– St..
Mixing White ENERGIZE contains 1500mg glutathione which Switzerland Innovative new white makes you fairer, more radiant skin which will look healthier and less fuzzy. It wiil help reduce wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines, enhance the body’s immune system and stimulate the body’s reprocess systems...
GLUTAX 800000 GS ULTIMATE WHITENING SPF 100 UV PROTECTIONComposition :1. Ultrafiltration Glutathione 800000 g2. Alpha Lipoic Acid 5000 mg3. Epidermal Growth Factor 2500 mg4. Kojic Acid 1000 mg5. Multivitamin 35000 mg6. Natural Collagen 15000 mg7. Selenium 5000 mg8. Crithmum Maritimum Cells CIC2 3000..
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