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LADIES SHINE ADVANCED BENEFIT FOR PERFECT SKINSkin is BrighterThe skin is more shineThe skin Becomes moistTighten the skin of the faceSmoothest the skinEvens out skin tone more evenlyRemove black on the knucklesRemove wrinklesRaise the fallen hipsTighten the breastSmooth the heels of rough feetLips ..
Glutathione bleaching cream helps to inhibit melaning and gives you a lighter complexion.*keeps your skin smooth & glowingGlutathione plays an important role in preventing oxidative damage to the skin. In addition to its many recognized biological functions, glutathione has also been associated ..
Pure Egyptian Magic Cream is tinted whitening and firming whitening cream with egg yoke,carrot extracts and L glutathione powder.This powerful whitening cream is not just excellent as a face and body formulation, but it also works best to clear dark spots on knee, elbow, thigh and other dark areas...
SKIGUD facial whitening cream is 3days fast action* Effective for Anti fungal,anti inflammatory,anti infection*Get fast relief from: ringworm, eczema,foot itching &skin infection..
L-carnitine is best known as a fat burner — but the overall research is mixed. It is unlikely to cause significant weight loss. However, studies support its use for health, brain function and disease prevention. Supplements may also benefit those with lower levels, such as older adults, vegans and v..
O'carly aha whitening soap is multi hydroxy acids whitening ×10 good body soap..
Veet gold daily advanced repair & rescue skin body lotion spf 45 (turmeric extract) - 500ml turmeric extract whitening body lotion contains high grade cosmetic all natural turmeric that helps prevent melanin production, making skin lighter and clearer. the lotion naturally glows and tones even ..
ALOE VERA GELIf you’re dealing with a chronic skin condition, it’s a good idea to check with your dermatologist before applying any products to your face. Talk to your doctor about the following potential benefits of aloe vera:1. Burns:For minor burns, apply aloe vera gel to the affected area u..
pure latino halfcast super whitening lotion newly improve whitening lotion that will give you the colour you need in less than 14days action...350ml..
Pure egyptian magic whitening  gold serum 14days action for bleaching treatment for face and body  with kojic acid & L-glutathione  and it aids in  lightening and brightening to reveal fresher younger looking skin...
GOREE whitening body lotion  avocado and aloe vera with lycopene which can whites in 7days of action..
LAIT Aneeza Arbutin,carrot, saffron and gold  whitening body lotion*ARBUTIN: Strong bleaching lotion super bleaching 3x mega blast, tough spot, freckles,acne, blemishes and face mask.*CARROT: Strong carrot extract lotion whitening in 5days with cucumber,lemon and papaya carrot extract natu..
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